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The little club with a lot of notoriety. Located in an underground bunker in the Ball State University Village, it was way ahead of the curve for it's day.

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I have the article and the press kit we made once Ben, Biff and I did an "Add-On" as partners... Being part of the No Bar during 86-87 was an amazing thing... I wish there was someone who had a chronology/calendar of who played this place from beginning to end...
Hey remember that Address notebook that Jon copied for us. Someone had left it at the No-bar if I remember correctly. It had all kinds of good connections and numbers in it. Did you happen to hang on your copy?
The "address book" was stolen by a touring band... they got it from Caberet Metro... had a lot of good phone numbers and address... some band who came through let Rans see the book and someone ran it over to Kinkos... did hang onto it and have my copy in a box somewhere. That's how I met Fred Darden at First Avenue Nightclub when I moved back to Minneapolis (in Summer 87).
I got my nose broken by two coked up locals right outside the No Bar on the last night it was open while a crowd of people sat on the sidewalk outside the bar across the street and watched. It was awesome.
Hi Dave,

I think vaguely remember that situation. Didn't they cruise by in a car and stop only to get out and bust you in the nose?
I remember Dave Riley, Big Black bassist, being so wasted that he slept right on the stage after their first No Bar show. I also remember doing bong hits with him and George Evanga at the Vending house after the second show.
re: Dave Riley- he has a blog at it's fascinating. and depressing. but really fascinating. and depressing.

set aside an hour or two and give a read.
OK - i'm going to set aside some time to scan in the Toaster Wars Magazine (fanzine) that I have - It was the braintrust of Michael Newell, Al Drane, Brent and Tony (of 110 McKinley) and was our little poke at the "scene" happening in Muncie in 1984-1985. It ran 10 issues and would feature ads for Repeat Performance Records and Savoy. It was the first publication to trumpet the opening of a new alternative rock club called "The No Bar." Prior to that you needed to play basement or frat parties or could try to book into The Chug a Mug, Dash Riprocks or play out of town: all of which meant you needed to provide your own P.A. (John McCool from The Convertibles had one!). The founders of the No Bar, John Rans and Jeff Weiss, knew that to run a club with no booze or food that catered to the music community they would need an onsite sound system. So the first show that happened at the No Bar (MCRB and The Singles according to various sources) was great... you didn't have to lug a SP3 cabinets up and down stairs...
Janie, they were on foot and so were we . . . walking down to VP to get some smokes and they just stopped us on the sidewalk and one of the guys just punched me in the face kind of out of the blue.
One of many great things about playing the No Bar was that they would always send me a tape of the show a few days later.
Yep, I remember that. He (Eldritch) was pissed off at the promoter and handed us that book! Funny. Yeah, he wouldn't really talk to us, but Hussey was so freakin' nice. In hindsight, it seemed he might have been hitting on me, but I was completely oblivious. Years later, Bullet LaVolta played a festival in Germany and The Mission was in the line-up. I was going to talk to him backstage, but couldn't find him. I was gonna ask if he remembered that gig. He was prancing around on stage, barefoot, with a frilly, puffy-sleeved paisley shirt...
Again... great memories... the copy of that book was very helpful.

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