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Bloomington - Indianapolis 1980s

The obvious precursor to Bloomington '90s. NEW IMPROVED with super-Indy flavor!

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PHOTO HINTS: Molly (Kaman) d'Eath is roping pics into albums called '80s' People;' and '80's Flyers.' Please add your pics under the PHOTOS tab first instead of inline in threads or comment windows so we can rope 'em all into that!

NEWS: Since John started his blog thing on March 28, about 30 just over 150 people have showed up to this impromptu whatever it is. Steven Pratt, who drummed for Indy hardcore band Poison Center, is starting his own HC era memoir. Stephen Lee Canner, of Too Cool is bringing us tales of the seamy underbelly of glam when glam was a bad word. John Barge has been wracking his mind to bring us news of Rock for No Reason. Others, notably Burd, Dave Fortney, and Phil Reavis have been working their way thru piles of flyers and pics, armed with only a scanner and the patience of the clinically obsessive. I have left folks out, and I apologize. I'll make it up to you next time I'm in town ;).

All of us together on here have wasted an estimated man-year of work and our wives, husbands and children are still worrying about us. Keep up the good work!

Any group member can open a forum thread, so have at it! So far the group activity is really focused on Ricky's and hardcore and the fallout from that, but there were TONS of other subscenes in Bloomington between 1975 and 1990.

Here's some ideas for more topics: WQAX, Second Story, housemates, specific bands that aren't on the site, specific bands that ARE on the site (I'm looking at you, April, James, Joby, and Clark), street dances; Gulcher, Schoolkids Records, and the first wave of punk bands; the last days of the South Side of the Square; The Allen Building, The Runcible Spoon; 'zines and papers (Tussin Up, Boredom, Micky's Pink Butthole, Blow It Off, The Ryder, etc)...

Discussion Forum

INDY PEOPLE 12 Replies

A few folks from Indianapolis are showing up now too - since the two hardcore-era scenes were so linked, should we rename this group something more focused on HC in Indiana, make it a Bton-Indy…Continue

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Indianapolis Punk, Hardcore and Beyond! 17 Replies

Hey folks,I don't wanna toot any whistles, or appear to be a braggart here on this happening site, by the way let's all thank Jeb for giving us a forum to reunite and get to know each other once…Continue

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Fall of the House of Alice 35 Replies

Dr. Hernandez: Hello, David, how are you today?David: Good, doc, really good.Dr. Hernandez: So, what's on your mind?David: I think I'm ready to talk about Harold and Alice.Dr. Hernandez: Are you…Continue

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Bloomingpedia 5 Replies

Don't know if most of you are aware but Bloomington has its own wiki: it's sadly bare…Continue

Started by Stephen Canner. Last reply by Melissa Jan 4, 2011.

Where is so-and-so today? 201 Replies

Molly asked me to start a 'Whatever happened to..." thread.I'll start with some Google trace I came up with yesterday. Kirk was in a band with Quentin Oliver from Greencastle. I remember Quentin, so…Continue

Started by mike whybark. Last reply by Bill Humphrey Oct 6, 2010.

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Comment by Jbarge on September 22, 2008 at 2:57pm
I have to toss this one out. I was researching Mr. A comics by Steve Ditko and came across an English pop band "The Hoosiers" that had a song about Mr. A. Apparently a member went to the University of Indianapolis? Any knowledge here, people?
Comment by CraiGrrr on June 7, 2008 at 2:00pm
yup, sorry. Grant. The best thing about 9th and Grant was that it was within staggering distance of Beer on Sunday. And I'll never forget the xmas day party that turned into a wake for (Kirt, Kirk sp? why can't I remember that?) Ellion. I think that was all one string of events, anyway.
Comment by Santo on June 6, 2008 at 11:45am
Yes that was it!
Comment by CraiGrrr on June 5, 2008 at 6:51pm
Zulu Hell. 9th and Dunn. Weird crib. Even before we moved in, I mean.
Comment by Santo on June 5, 2008 at 9:18am
I recall that same ensemble for Ransom with and added Gorilla mask at a Haloween event at the Zulu Beatniks house..there was such a house right? I remember the house being red, shotgun style, maybe one block south of tenth street...
Comment by CraiGrrr on June 4, 2008 at 11:05pm
I think that's just how I referred to 1985 in general. I do seem to remember Ransom at a Halloween party at the crib out on Fairfax wearing a large strap-on. I think that was 1985, maybe....
Comment by Raj on May 25, 2008 at 2:54pm
feels like i'm home
Comment by Jennifer Hallfrisch on May 21, 2008 at 7:18pm
does anybody remember "fuck-fest 85"? Motto: are you wet enough. Or did Grrr just make that up?
Comment by Sophia Travis on May 8, 2008 at 7:58pm
On Dec. 5th, 2006, I blogged a bit about the mid 80's in an entry on my political blog called pin-the-tail. The entry is called "1984 & Eggrolls," and here's the link:

There's an old snapshot of me from that time and my hair looks phunny. It was just about the time I got involved in the local music scene...prior to that I was accompanying robust opera singers at the music school. Then I found my Farfisa mini-compact. The rest is history. That's still a good, nasty little electric organ too.
Comment by Jbarge on May 5, 2008 at 8:48pm
149 Dead Marines
While surfing and searching the web (a pointless hobby that can occupy hours of my time), I found this nice little interview with a member of 149 Dead Marines:
'IUA - So when did 149 DM starting touring and where all did you guys play?'


John Benedict - We left on Easter Sunday 1984. Funny, we didn't have one date set in stone when we left, just lot's of people saying; "Yeah, come on up and we'll have a show." Back then it wasn't like now; punk shows everywhere on any given night of the week. Shows were few and far between and normally weekends only.

Actually we planned on a never ending tour. We thought we were done with Iowa. We planned on touring untill we found somewhere we wanted to set up as our new base and move there.

Our first show was in West Lafayette, Indiana with The Offenders. After that we played at the Cubby Bear in Chicago opening for the Subhumans. We each played 2 sets. We did an all ages show then they cleared the place out and later did another show for the drinking crowd.

Then we moved on to Bloomington, Indiana. I really liked that town and would have been happy to live there. We opened for Die Kreuzen and several other bands. The craziest shit happened that night.

Someone gave Mike and Rich a joint before we played. It turned out to be laced with pcp. We had to cut our set in half because they were hallucinating so bad on stage. That sucked because we were actually tight despite being dosed and people were into us. Later we (and many others) crashed a little private party at the house Die Kreuzen was staying. Things got weird later on and we were asked to leave. I hooked up with John Barge from The Panics and we rode around and partied all night. In the morning I found my bandmates had sorta gained illegal access to the radio station next door that was closed on Sunday. They just went in, turned everything on and started broadcasting. That was fun instill the guy who managed it was scanning the radio dial in his car and heard us. He did a big u-turn, came over and shut us down. He was pretty pissed off.

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