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Hey there Holly! I remember that. You put a beating on Eloid.
yeah, we definitely need to get Eloid on the site, I think Ross might be able to make the hook up
Good bands have come and gone over the years, but there's never been anyone that could come close to taking up Eloid's space. It would be good to see him again.
Awesome. Right on Holly. Good to see you too!
I do not fully know this jello story. I demand a full retelling!

I once read Eloid's tarot cards. That is my sole Eloid story.
too late! I expect some pics and videos on the site by day's end people!
At least tell me this - was the event held in public? Did people have to pay to get in? HOW DID I MISS THIS??
I still have my Eloid mask!
You have no idea how much this fact scares me. I mean shiver down the back, toe-curling, gut dropping terror!
You are a hero among women.
Are there Eloidfest flyers in existence??
i have a ton of stuff but no scanner at my disposal. crapola.


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