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OK, so I came in late to QAX, relatively speaking. I'm gonna blog about my first experiences there in my next post about late '84 to early '85, but since Eric just threw this up let's get going.

When did it start in the 70's?

When did it leave the union?

Where did it go after the Allen Building site of 84-85? I remember it was at a member's house for a while, then in that garage.

I still go to radio station meetings today (at my current station KWVA) and tell all the newbies about how I spilled a full beer into the QAX console one night. The fuse blew, everything went dead. I called Bill Z and he wisely decided to not let Chet know about it until the following morning, by which time the beer had dried and everything was fine. Gotta love those indestructible 70's electronics.

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Ah, my complicity exposed after all these years.
hahaha, now seriously Zink start droppin some knowledge here.

that wasn't complicity, it was prudence and compassion (for Chet)!
I moved into the Allen Building in early '84 and very shortly afterwards started doing a show on QAX, by then it had moved to one of the spaces on the south side of the square, just east of the center of the block if memory serves. Brian Kearney lived in the next space over. I have no idea what's there now as it's all changed so much.


Eric and I joined at the same time, when QAX was in the Union and still university-affilliated. I met Tom Donahue and Jim Manion, as well as others, at that time. For years I thought this was 1979 but thanks to cross referencing here I have concuded it muts have been late summer 1980.

I believe I hold the distinction of having been kicked out and banned on three separate occasions, once in the Union as a teenager for fomenting a record smashing party in the hall outside the studio; once on the square for I forget, and once AGAIN, not as a member, on the square, for barging in on someone's show while well-lit and cursing until the phone lit up with the GM's call. The GM was not Eric, Anne, Chet, or Bill, as I recall, which likely consigns it to a one-year reign by someone I did not know. Unless it was one of y'all.

In which case, HEY now. I LIVED with y'all! HEY!

I will freely confess that middle bannination is suspect in the manner of legends and myths, so disassemble at will. As I recall, I was told no premises visits, a dictum which I pretty much disregarded. I have nothing but affection and respect for the station and intend to tell more WQAX stories here shortly.

Let it be known: I never had sex in any WQAX broadcast studio at any time. Damn it.
Steve, WQAX dates to 1973 as an offshoot of (and I'll have to dig a bit here to substantiate it) the Ashton Radio Club. There was a fire, which led to the split to WQAX and WIUS.

I was gone for the IMU 300A/300B departure, and when I returned the station (under GMship of Bill Z, I believe) was the garage of a law office (the name will come to me) at 3rd and Grant. I walk by regularly, and it looks like the space has become a residence, hard as that may be to conceive.

WFHB is the holder, along with a bunch of equipment, of the WQAX Scrapbook. AnneZ and I spent some time a while ago cataloging the items in preparation to scan the whole thing - the excel lists are available for download on the WQAX site. The books are a cornucopia of clippings, flyers and occasional receipts for purchases - maybe this is the year of scanning!

Speaking of - anyone have an email address for Chet?
The angry duck - the controversy lives!
Seth Spicker and I were doing our show the night you stopped by in the Union. Don't know how it started but there was a box of crappy 45's out in the hallway and record smashing did occur. WQAX was out of the Union soon thereafter. I have an aircheck of that night that I'll post as soon as I can. Seth and I did "Grinding Spine" radio from 1982-8?. I continued at each new location except I never did an Allen Bldg. show. The best thing about the downtown square set-up was that you could put on a record, turn the speakers out the windows and go smoke a joint on the court house lawn while listening to your own show. That, for Seth and I, was the shit. Ahh, when the courthouse square was a crumbling relic, populated by artists, musicians and neardowells. Thems were the good ole days.
Seth and I also did a show together in 1984-85. I have an aircheck from one show that was unfortunately recorded on one of those 49 cent K-Mart cassettes and has subsequently broken. At least I hope I still have it. This forum might be inspiration for me to actually try to repair it and post an excerpt or two here. It was from a night probably in the summer of '84 when a young female acid casualty followed us into the studio and wouldn't leave. She sat in the back and randomly said things like "You're a good dog!" The mike picked her up pretty clearly at several points during the show.
I did some shows at WQAX in early high school - probably soon after Mike got involved. I did a few shows with Harry, as I recall (Harry can confirm) during freshman year - 1981 - 82, then I did some with Freda and probably Dee Brown the following year. My brother Jake did shows there even earlier - 1980 probably - with Dave Jones and maybe Kent Berglund. This was all in the Union of course. I still remember what it smelled like in there. I remember the thrill of going through the thousands of vinyl records. I didn't discover much music, however, because my freshman year shows consisted exclusively of The Clash, The Pistols, Ramones and occasional reggae or ska revival, and my sophomore year shows consisted exclusively of American hardcore.

I'm not sure why we stopped hanging out there - when did it leave the union? Around that time, right? Was it dormant for awhile? Not sure if any sex occurred - God knows these crazy punk kids were always looking for a venue.
In the Union, you guys had Wednesday night so you could skip the meetings! I clearly remember Seth playing 'Jealous Again' for me possibly the day he first listened to it. In my mind that was 1980 but that seems pretty early for that record. On the other hand, 'Damaged' came out while I was in Europe, so I guess it had to be 1980 or 1981.

I have an aircheck from '83 in which I play the Germs' EP version of 'Round and Round' at 33. IT IS GREAT. The record, I mean. I was so-so as a host.
That's right - I had forgotten this, but I bet that is where I met your brother and Kent and those guys.

I do know that when Eric and I first joined it was well before anyone but Seth and Dan were involved from our social circle - it was much older, or seemed so to me as a 13 year old. JIm Manion and Tom Donohue, along with Jim Stikeleather, were most welcoming.


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