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  • Avant/Outsider Music Group

    31 members Latest Activity: Jun 24, 2015 Avant/Outsider music is music that deconstructs, critiques, or just plain ignores standard musical forms, music which tries to be different and new.…

  • Eloidfest

    21 members Latest Activity: May 11, 2010 People who have been to Eloidfest

  • Jewdaic Rock Fans Anonymous!

    40 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2013 A place to celebrate the odd goodness that can be on occasion Jew Rock.

  • Vinyl Collectors

    58 members Latest Activity: Nov 2, 2014 We love vinyl. Vinyl pants, vinyl hats, but mostly vinyl records. Vinyl siding, not so much.

  • Snowy Er Muse Nights

    19 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2008 Snowy Nights, Er Nights, School Of Other Music Nights, Turnstyle productions, and other sonic, visual, and performance errata from the alleys & edges…

  • MFT Kids

    30 members Latest Activity: May 3, 2011 The brood of MFT'ers and it's derivatives. Or I'm so boring that my life revolves around my kid(s) therefore I seek others that share in my joy.

  • The Carmichael-Moenkhaus Society for the Appropriation of Hoosier Folklore

    42 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2013 This group, named for its spiritual founders is to discuss the ephemera of Hoosier folklore. The entire historical, musical, cultural, and folkloric…

  • WQAX

    52 members Latest Activity: May 3, 2011 Gathering the Bloomingtonian producers, members, fans and listeners to WQAX, 100.3 Cable FM.

  • Bloomington 1990s

    145 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2013 You know who you are, come out and be counted! Did you spend countless nights at Second Story? Did you eat at Rockits? Can you barely remember the…

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