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Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice
About Me
I'm enjoying the good life in Long Beach, CA.
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New Castle

I booked that show! It was 1990 and Green Day was touring in support for 39/Smooth. That record kicked my ass from the first listen! So it was May 1990, and I got the latest edition of MaximumRockNRoll, and the Lookout Records ad for the album/tour said that there will still some open dates for their summer tour. I got the contact information from Lookout Records, and I called Al Sobrante, who was their drummer and was organizing the tour. The tour couldn’t start until mid-June, because Billie Joe was a senior in high school, and wouldn’t graduate until then.  Nice guy. Anyhow, I think the terms of the performance "contract" were that I guaranteed Green Day $200, a place to crash, dinner, and plenty of beer. Also booked were Carbuncle, who were friends of mine (I had played drums for them in Columbus, OH) and I guaranteed them $100, a place to crash, dinner, and plenty of beer. I played drums in Bunkhouse, and I guaranteed us $50, a dinner, and plenty of beer. I think that Dave Hate (With Authority) had already booked a few shows at the warehouse, and the sound, lights  and the venue rent was based on ticket sales. It was really cool of the sound guy to give me a sweet deal, but the venue was just starting and he needed the business. Dave Hate continued to book more shows in that space, but eventually the landlord decided to use the warehouse space for a different purpose. I worked at Kinko's so I designed and printed a shitload of flyers "on the house". I distributed those shitload of flyers all over Bloomington. Then I took a road trip one weekend, and distributed them in every record store, music store, vintage store, and punk gathering spot in Indianapolis, Richmond, Dayton, Muncie, Kokomo, Lafayette, and Terre Haute.

The day of the show, Green Day rolled into town around 5PM and we all met at the venue. Carbuncle had arrived at my house in the morning and we were pretty well lubricated by 5. Since Green Day had been on the road for over a month, they were in need of things like toiletries, socks, etc. My girlfriend at the time (she's now married to the guitarist from Carbuncle! :-P), was kind enough to drive Al to a local drug store so he could complete his shopping list. My girlfriend drove a 1983 Renault Alliance with a 4-speed transmission. Apparently, Al's favorite trick was to slap cars out of gear while they are driving, and he got his fill that day. Their trip to the drugstore took about two hours because he kept turning the ignition off, shifting the gears, honking the horn, and generally being a dope. When they got back, my girlfriend was pissed! She still is pissed, every time she tells the story. Meanwhile, the rest of us were loading in our equipment, setting up, did a soundcheck, and just milled around and drank some beers. Carbuncle opened the show, promptly at 8. Their singer leaped onto the stage, clad in only a pair of black running shorts, ala Henry Rollins. He sang, he swung from the rafters, and even took a spin or two through the mosh pit. Epic. Next up was Bunkhouse. I played drums, and my man Chris Osburn on bass held the rhythm down. Brian Noojin shredded that axe, and Howie Higgins sang his poetry. I've seen some pictures here on Musical Family Tree, and apparently I sang a song, too. It looks like Dave Hate was playing drums. As I sit here 22 years later, I have no idea what I sang but here are some guesses: Six Pack (Black Flag), Wendy (Beach Boys), I'm Not A Loser (Descendents)? Green Day ripped into their set, filled with piss and vinegar. They pretty much played the entire 39/Smooth album, along with other songs they would eventually record later that summer. I remember that Billie Joe was great with the crowd, working his cynicism and punk rock snarl to great comic effect. They also played Freebird. There must have been about 300 paid, because I paid the bands, and the sound guy was paid generously. Yay, capitalism!

After the show, we invited everyone back to the Bunkhouse house. We actually called it the "Pumpkin House" because it was circus peanut orange, and looked like a jack-o-lantern. It was that little house on the triangle Where Dunn and Atwater split. I think the address was 363 S. Dunn. So we had 3 bands with 13 people, another 15 of girlfriends and close friends, and than about another 25 people that took our invite, and came from the show. I had guaranteed the bands dinner, so I began to cook a shitload of my famous spaghetti. The recipe is 5 pounds of spaghetti noodles, brown 3 onions and 3 pounds of ground beef in a big pot. Pour 3 jars of Ragu into the onion/meat pot. Warm through, and serve over cooked noodles. To supplement the festivities, I had 5 cases of Schaefer beer chilling in a clean garbage can. We commenced to party. So everyone is getting loose, some people drinking beer, some people smoking herb, and we're having a good time. Green Day had been on tour, and apparently had already gone through Tennessee because they had a big box of illegal fireworks. They started throwing firecrackers at each other, at the party crew, and at cars as they zoomed by on Atwater. Lots of fun. Until the cops arrive. The cops are pretty nice and tell us to keep it down, move the party inside. We do, but Green day doesn't. They decide to continue running around outside shooting fireworks and throwing firecrackers at each other, at cars, and at passers by. Now, I'm not the law and order type, but it is my house, my party, and my ass on the line. The cops show up a second time, and this time I get the "keep this party inside or we'll start checking ID's and you will be arrested for supplying minors, disturbing the peace, yadda yadda yadda... " So, I'm quite amused with the whole episode, and have a destructive gene anyway so I don't give a fuck what happens. My friends in Carbuncle however, do not. They are a little older than Green Day, and at the time were getting Master's in Engineering from Ohio State. They didn't think the episode was funny at all, and basically surrounded Green Day and told them to stop with the fireworks "or else". Green Day was defiant, and they were willing to push the situation to the extreme. I was in an awkward position, trying to be a host to Green Day, and my friends, and still not end up in jail. Talk started getting chippy, and it looked like a fight was imminent. I quickly leaped between the two bands and brokered a truce.

Everybody calmed down and we got back to the business of drinking and Green Day went and slept in their van. They took off early the next day.

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