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Jack Whitebread
  • Male
  • Carrboro NC
  • United States

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  • Tosca Marguerite
  • Dee Dee Stadler
  • Eloid
  • Dennis Childers AKA Shmo
  • lanny
  • jennifer johnson
  • Sura
  • Jyl Freed
  • Emily Jackson
  • Phillip Traicoff
  • Charles Silver
  • Frankie Camaro
  • Misty McIntosh
  • Matt Uhlman

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Jack Whitebread, Teen Idol

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What Instrument(s) Do You Play
Don't Play Anything
About Me
What bands are you or have you been in?
The Neil Diamond Allstars, The JFK Loveslaves
What city are you from?
Bloomington, Carrboro
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At 11:52am on April 15, 2010, Jennifer Hallfrisch said…
Cubs are playing .500 ball. It's only April...Go Cubs Go!
At 8:48pm on March 31, 2010, mike whybark said…
I spotted on FB too, glad to see 'em here. good pix.
At 11:35pm on June 23, 2008, Jyl Freed said…
Okay, I think I get it, but please correct me if I'm wrong - you're still no hillbilly, you are a punk rocker. You are right - it is nothing but punk to do a Neil Diamond cover band. Inspired. You'd asked about myspace - no nada. Had one, but bailed onaccounta a psycho Canadian stalker who ..... let's just say she soured the whole experience for me. I'm sorta/ kinda part of Wes's website, and wiki, if you're looking for some mysterious don't know what. Might find it, might not. Hope that helps! Love ya, Shugah Boogah. It's been great fun today.
At 10:40pm on June 23, 2008, Jyl Freed said…
Jesus puppies, throwing stones, I can't believe you remembered that I love "Three Little Fishes" - you're something else. I still treasure that Pogo collection you gave me for Christmas, that was such a classic & sweet gesture, you're a doll baby. Little did I know when you gave me Pogo that I would later become "The Possum Queen". Yes, I have been here all damn day, and yes I have been busy, which is a great thing for me, as I truly have nothing better to do. Not that visiting with y'all isn't a worthy pastime - nossir! And I honestly have been trying to locate a lot of people here for years, so it's a double blessing. A great time killer AND finding lost friends. I'm gimped up enough now that I'm unfit for any kind of regular job, so I just sit home and tend my husband's customers. Which are scarce, what with the economy and all - nobody can afford to buy art when gas is 4 bucks a gallon. Thanks for bein' there for me, Jack! And you still ain't answered my rocker/hillbilly question. I see your near Chapel Hill - we used to play Local 506 a bit. " .... and dey fam and dey fam in dee dam aw day".
At 5:41pm on June 23, 2008, Charles Silver said…
Thanks for info on Jyl - I'll look later when I have tme
At 5:25pm on June 23, 2008, Sura said…
no it was you, i don't think mary and i made out until much later;)
At 4:17pm on June 23, 2008, sarah bortt said…
i think i just figured out where the lupus came from!
At 2:40pm on June 23, 2008, Jbarge said…
Hey, my stepmother-in-law has lupus!
At 2:35pm on June 23, 2008, Jyl Freed said…
Oh say, I don't know if you remember, but you used to have a saying you were kind of famous for. I won't repeat it, but I would sincerely like to know: at present, would you consider yourself more of a punk rocker, or more of a hillbilly? My husband is both, and I find the combination very effective. Socially speaking.
At 2:33pm on June 23, 2008, Jyl Freed said…
Heh heh. yeah, lupus is a very popular disease anymore, I just got it cuz it was trendy. :-) -- Hey wow - thanks for pointing out Charles Silver's deal, I woulda never known who AXA is - thanks, Jack ! Yanno, I named our cat Jack, partly because I got sick of wisenheimers always asking me "Where's Jack? (hardee har)" when they found out my name is Jyl. This way when someone says, "Where's Jack? (hardy har)", I can say, "I dunno, last I saw him he was under the truck eating a dead chipmunk."

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