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Welcome Back to LEFT Field...

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Don't Play Anything
About Me
Just a happy groupie from BSU in the late 80's - Proud to say I know Coker; happy to have known all you rockers - Vending, all know who you are. Cruized in my Corvair happily to find candy for Ian. Lived on Adams Street w/Brent P. and Alan & Roxanne. My favorite gig was probably the Garden Party. That was a fantastic day. It is CRAZY to see all of your faces..its like a birthday present.
What bands are you or have you been in?
The other way around. No...that was bad.
What city are you from?
Anderson, IN and on into Muncie
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Anderson, Indiana
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At 11:52pm on July 3, 2009, Mark Patrick said…
By the way.... here's the link to my page...

At 11:50pm on July 3, 2009, Mark Patrick said…
Hi Girly-Girl,
You mentioned you liked "96 Tears", so I added a recording of it to my homepage at MFT. It has two other songs before it... "Love Her Madly" and "Gloria" It's song number six and the music player is on the lower left-side. Hope you like it. There's other new stuff I dug up too. We all miss you! We may be playing out soon as the Frayed Knots. Love to see you there if possible.

See Ya,

Mark P.
At 2:45pm on December 29, 2008, judith said…
SSL in commenting back. Yeh, lot's of stange things back when. I had bleached my hair after black for Cleopatra at the U of Athens, Ohio huge thing. Moved to Florida ASAP, with dye. Sucked. Now am a boat/scuba baby, with a hub and son. Ever near Orlando, HEY!!
At 4:39pm on November 18, 2008, suade99 said…
Sadly: Herff Jones & The Class Rings (and the 2nd version: "Herff Jones & The Class Reunion") was never captured on film. Brent was in both versions... I lived with Brent & Tony at 110 N. McKinley (I think that's it!) in a house of perpetual partying... from 1985-1986. After that I moved in with Greg Moran and Kevin Royal a few blocks over on Washington St (between the "Modern Vending" house & the "Rugby" or "Big Steve/Mr. Steve" house). I ended up moving back to Minnesota in early summer 1987...
At 7:11am on November 18, 2008, suade99 said…
The name "Tommy Gun" doesn't ring a bell... Yeah... that was an amazing time in the "Toaster Wars"/No-Bar days... Glad to hear the stories of Brent... sparks all sorts of great memories!
At 8:13am on November 17, 2008, suade99 said…
Marybeth: AMAZING Subway story... my time there was late 86-early 87 at the University Village store and that family who owned it was a rich mess. I can only hope that Brent Michael's looking chump eventually got what he deserved. I just remember the mom and dad were total hypocrites - they were supposedly wealthy and religious ("god bless") but were fairly plastic and phony from what I recall. I'm glad you got the backpay they owed you... I recall rumors that the owner's son was dealing pot out of the back of Subway and that he sold everyone out but himself when the shit hit the fan at our store...

On another note: tell Brent, if you see him anytime soon, that I have one of the "Herff Jones and the Class Rings" shows digitized from cassette to mp3... he'll know what that means...
At 8:34am on November 16, 2008, suade99 said…
Brent co-managed the Subway at BSU with a guy named Mark. I worked there for exactly 88 days. The super-religious owners all the Subways in Muncie had a son who was dealing pot out of one of the other stores and somehow got EVERYONE fired at the Village location one day. It totally sucked but everyone but myself and one other dude went and got "unemployment" pay which totally burned the owners... Ah... Subway!!!!
At 5:45pm on October 30, 2008, Celester said…
I agree! We had kind of a down time when Jeb put all the political talk in a web-ghetto, and it definitely caused a rumpus among the gals, since we initiated the political talk to start with. But it looks like traffic's been picking up the last week or so -- so it's fun again. Beloved Muncie kooks I haven't seen for years are turning up. And next year, the Vending reunion!
At 5:38pm on October 30, 2008, Celester said…
Oh yeah: Janie is the go-to gal for Coker pics. I have my own super-secret projects goin too!
At 5:36pm on October 30, 2008, Celester said…
I think the Garden Party pics of KFZ are currently friends-only access in Murph's photo page; but I am hassling him into letting everyone see them and hoping there are more (with the Groovies etc etc). I agree that Muncie was magic -- more creative and kickin than any other scene I've seen. Too bad I didn't really learn to drink properly until long after -- though I do remember blowing carrot chunks thru my nose on New Year's at the Light St house. Now that's some proper drinking. ;-)

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