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What Instrument(s) Do You Play
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Other
About Me
My name is Seth Maxwell Malice. I hate all of you. You are Pussies. I was in "These-3-Guys-Were-Walking-Down-the-Street-Carrying-a-Cross-Playing-Bongos-and-Saying-Bad-Things-About Reagan" with John Barge, and someone else-I forget-Booked Rickys Phantastical Rotten Vegetable-au-teria Canteenage Girls Punk Rockaseeum, which invented the term UpSkirt (as in, "Hey Tits! I'm looking up your Skirt!!!)...booked it with Rat Rondell, where previously I was renting it from Ricky as a practice space for The Poetic Inebriates, Seeing eye Dogs, Skeletons, Gluttons for Punishment, along with my office/elaborate Drug Distribution Center, Maxwell Malices Passion Palace "I came 12 Times"-the Mayor), Art Police Ticket-tron, Tussn' Chill-the fuck-out room, Steve Millen case of mixed imports taste-o-thons (for the underage impaired), Rock against Roaches Ground Zero, Library of Porngress, Rubber Room, Lord of the Keys (for WQAX), and crash pad/meth, I mean, methodone clinic for touring Bands (JFA, 149 Dead Marines, Howdy, Partner!, and Let-a-smile-be-your-Umbrella-on-a-rainy-rainy-day aka John Barge when he was in no shape to drive home) all on the South Side of the Square. (Home of the Famous Rooftop Writers Symposium, but I guess I wasn't there either?!?-what the fuck is WRONG with you FUCKS? !!-Jesus fucking Christ! OK, fuck you! HA! Did I say Pussies??!!?? Pussies!)

Rickys CanTEENa; Shows like Adherance, Sluggo, and a few bands from Lexington, Ohio, and a few others, that might of slipped your mind. I did John Barge with Ian Brewer, Eric White, Mike Ost, Scott Colburn, Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Great White-but he doesn't remember those one or two jams...but Ian Brewer does...!), Danny Deckard, John Strom, Yara Cluver, Rat Rondell, Zirk Boner, Jeff Sherman, Phil "psychofuckingpath" Trackoff, Frankie Camero, Dave Death, Steve Canner, Nathan Sturm, Too Cool, Naked Bacon, Guitar Army, Gluttons for Punishment, Johnny ESAD and the Music Killers, Naked Bacon, Poetic Inebriates, Vomit in Church, Virgins in Chains, Adam Split and the Neutrinos, Maps (with Jim the word Hurd), Skeletons/tones/whatever, Seeing Eye Dogs, Volunteer Mercenaries for "Bob", Poop in your Eye, and You stepped in Shit Fuckface-JUST TO NAME A FEW.

But NEVER with John Terrell (ok, thats bullshit, right John? I seem to remember you, Kirk Ross, Andy Cobine, D'self and all of 3/4 design, in an all-out, bare-knuckles brawl behind 2nd story to see who was going to play Lead Guitar in "Poop in Your Eye, and You stepped in Dogshit, Fuckface!" BTW-Sorry, Phil "windhimupandwatchhimgo" Trackoff just had better (stolen) equipment then you.

So now, I still play Speed Metal-as though I could ever stop, (well maybe a couple times when I happened to donate some of my free time to the Feds..uh, I mean the Federal Government-but I cant talk about that; Secret Agent work; classified) I fuck (with) movie stars, go swimming with Jello "oh no, not you again!" Biafra, and brow-beating online music Scenes without a trace of being Bitter, Snide, Vengeful, yet loving...loving all the pretty women right out from under you. My lucky number is shitmybutt, and, IM GOING TO GET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU'isms really just mean "I Love You".

-wit woo!

malice, the name is SETH malice
april 10, 2008

p.s. The Blast Poets MUST Die!
What bands are you or have you been in?
BLOOMINGTON; I did John Barge with Ian Brewer, Eric White, Mike Ost, Scott Colburn, Sean McNabb, Danny Deckard, John Strom, Yara Cluver, Rat Rondell, Zirk Boner, Jeff Sherman, Phil "psychofuckingpath" Trackoff, Phil Collins, Rob Mullett/Rob Stewart, Pete the creepy guy I always fought with at Rockys, Thorton, whos Dad had/has a welding shop on the way to Ellettsville (who's Ellette?), Stoney, Guy Harbuck? Ray Maxwell? Steve Ireland?-well they played in Identity Theft, Nate Gober, Monty Scales, another guy named Thorton, Oppenheimer (on lead Bong), Happy Jack, Steph-Bag, Frankie Camero, Guitar Army, Gluttons for Punishment, Johnny ESAD and the Music Killers, Naked Bacon, Poetic Inebriates, Vomit in Church, Virgins in Chains, Adam Split and the Neutrinos, Maps (with Jim the word Hurd), Skeletons/tones/whatever, Seeing Eye Dogs, Volunteer Mercenaries for "Bob", Poop in your Eye? You stepped in Shit Fuckface, X-Pine, Robo Worriers, Just Plain Tussin for Me, Foggy Mountain Dextromethamphetamine Boys, Surfs Down, MacArthur's Parking-JUST TO NAME A FEW, not to mention I Played with Myself.

AUSTIN; Ex-Pistos, Book Mobile/Mo'Bile, Schnookumz Experimental theatre and Mime Troop aka Schnookumz, Charlie Parker and his Doom Quartet, Roky Erickson and the Nutty Professors (with Glenn from The Dicks), Liquid Bummer, Hand of Adonis, Bunghole Slurpers, Suzi Ktwatro, Twatma and Robo, Twat's Happening, Rain Cake-Out, Chickiods with Dickiods, Mr. Boom Boom Anything Butt-a-Boom and Your Mamas Lying; FROM WHAT I CAN RECALL

SAN FRANCISCO/SF; Survival ReSearch Labs (SRL), Verbal Abuse/VA (substitute guitar), Schnookumz SF, The Olympics, Piss, Cactopus, Extra Action Marching Band (formerly Crash Worship), The Cars, Death to False Metal, Fuckemos/Piss, Nary Guman, Dr. Atwatopolis, Netallica, The 'Nuge (as in Ted-with Dale Crover from the Melvins), Two Short, NWHey!, Charo's Accent, Daniel Steeles Tits; JUST TO MENTION THE ONES I HAVEN'T BEEN SUED FOR! (this is where Mr. Stroms' services ala entertainment lawyer, would come in handy).

NEW ORLEANS; Jingle Balls (formerly Crash Worship/Slayer/Mr.Whoopie goes Gazongas!)

LAS VEGAS; House-Keeper, Kato-style, for Zamora the Torture King (formerly Jim Rose Side Show Freakshow), oggeler of titties.

HOLLYWOOD; Man-servant, stalker, lover, and heart breaker of Porno-Princess Superstars-Dignity and Integrity.
What city are you from?
MySpace Page

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Rev.Seth Maxwell Malice's Blog

Rooftop Writer Symposium, Xerox's by Malice, Mayhem Creative Writing Rooftops Rants Ripped Abs

All Ego aside, ladies, (415-867-4238...), Xerox machines were an addiction. Mass producing your own shit, Self Publishing, Mail Art, Comix, short stories from Hell, Coloring Books, Compilations, Contributers...Con artists, coniving a cup of coffee with your well earned .50 cents, although later realizing, god-damn-it! It was worth you paying FIFTY FUCKING CENTS!

Because, here I am again, in a Coffee House, this city/time, Austin, Compiling My HUMBLE motherfucking WORK, once again for… Continue

Posted on July 7, 2008 at 5:30pm — 12 Comments

Rockys-pool hALL FROM hell!!! hORROR sTORyS!!!

Rockys pool-hall, sneaking in Booze, shooting pool with hiustlers, fighting in the parking lot. Rob Mullet, Pete the psycho, Nate Gober, Monty Scales...all of us 1%'ers.

In high school, teachers used to Villanize it. Where you score drugs, live in someojnes basement, and always always always got Fucked up!

I did my older brother Eric, before he clocked out. So TELL ME YOUR ROCKYS STORIES!

...and I'll tell you mine...

Posted on June 30, 2008 at 8:45pm — 4 Comments

What about ReCycles Bikes??? Mike French, ED Zepplin

Masters of two wheel disasters, little 500 master peices, vision street wear and fat possum records?

Posted on June 30, 2008 at 8:40pm — 2 Comments

Volunteer Mercenaries for "BOB"

I'm asking again, does anyone have a copy of VMFB? The tape that was made live at WQAX, and then distributed by Steve Millen in a fit of dextrometh hysterics? I want o upload it features all of you celebs...the Spaz Kids (Mike shiner/bill foster), yawn berg, trendy skaters, Andrea (lets go andrea), indianapolis (indianoplace), apathy, trendy skaters, "and they're all a bunch of little faggots", strom, zirk boner, jeff sherman, capt. colby, Pat Boone, Oppenheimer/chris… Continue

Posted on June 25, 2008 at 10:18am — 11 Comments

White Trash Whiplash-Kentucky Refuses to Free the Slaves (Tie Me Up Baby-Btown Beret wearers Beat and Berate Border Buddies) Bloomington VS Louisville

Update; Names have been altered to provide a way more redickulass addition to mankinds obsession to the MYTH of privacy, in this lightning fast day and age on the Information Stupid Highway.

-Sex Methwell Phallus

3rd o' fucking July

Oh, By the Way...if you see your government today, dont forget to tell them, ANARCHY! ANARCHY! ANARCHY!


This is an article I wrote for OUI magazine concerning the exploits… Continue

Posted on June 9, 2008 at 4:30pm — 7 Comments

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At 8:37am on August 9, 2011, Phillip Traicoff said…
Hey Seth.
At 6:12pm on April 10, 2011, Ed said…

Thought of you when I saw these three-dimensional collages...

Kris Kuksi

At 10:36am on September 20, 2010, Jbarge said…
What's up you craisin?
At 5:21pm on April 9, 2009, Marvin P. Goldstein said…
Coming homo for the Panics?
At 1:38pm on April 8, 2009, lanny said…

You & Zac Burke inspired this thing....
At 9:51pm on March 19, 2009, lanny said…
Thanx I needed that.....I look forward to seeing you here in Bloomington this Summer,look me up.
At 5:36pm on March 19, 2009, lanny said…
Your friends with Mark Pauline,WOW just to be a fly on a robot at one of SRL's shows....
At 4:25pm on March 19, 2009, Jbarge said…
Hey you crazy rat bastard, how the hell are you?
At 6:39pm on February 13, 2009, lanny said…
At 9:17pm on October 22, 2008, lanny said…
Remember me???

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