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Cannon Fodder For The Class by the Walking Ruins

Hello everyone:
The Walking Ruins will be playing Friday, June 20th 2008 at Uncle Festers.
We will also be releasing a CD made many years ago and never released. It has 19 tracks and is called "Cannon Fodder For The Class War". Copies will be available at the show.
I have uploaded 3 mp3s for the masses to consume.
See you there!
And here are the liner notes from the disc:
It was the summer of 1990, & unknown to us the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq was just weeks away. We had been frantically spinning our punk rock wheels when a long time fan approached us with the idea of recording our latest songs. Poverty stricken, we demurred. When he offered to foot the bill, we grabbed our shoes & ran out the door, finding ourselves at Homegrown Studios.
We ended up having a grand old time on someone else’s dime, & you’re holding the result in your hot little hands. At that point in time we were constantly appalled, either by the Republican-sponsored Contra War in Nicaragua or by having to work a nasty little job just to put beans on the table. For the most part the lyrics deal with those two subjects.
While we were recording overdubs, there was a party thrown at the studio & a whole slew of friends stopped by, so we had them toss a few background vocals on “Bomb Threat” & “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”. We also had some other musicians join in on a few tracks & generally had a blast.
Sadly, in attempting to record so many tracks (including a couple not even on this release) we created a huge sprawling project that was difficult to finish. It finally collapsed of its own weight & we went on to other things. Thus these recordings never officially saw the light of day those many moons ago but finally, at long last, here they are.
It’s funny, listening to them now, how the songs are more relevant than when we originally recorded them. Lyrics meant to skewer the doddering, mean spirited Reagan–Bush administrations foreshadow the insanity and outright criminality of the GWB II regime.
Towards the end of our history together, in the summer of 1996, the band traveled down to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, & we were able to lay down a couple of tracks at a small independent studio. We’ve included those as bonus tracks, & even tossed in an alternate arrangement of “Situation Hopeless” from the original Homegrown sessions.
Finally, we’re dedicating this one to the memory of Steve Millen, a dear old comrade who passed away in December, 1991. He was one of the louts who shouted background vocals & his memory is with us still. Arise, ye prisoners of starvation!
Song List
Social Insecurity
Follow The Leader
Bay of Pigs
Full Dinner Jacket
Sound Revolution
Situation Hopeless
Bomb Threat - Enemy Within
Gristle For The Mill
Never Lie To The FBI
They Get Away With Murder
The Ugly
Breakaway Bottle
bonus tracks:
Militia's Intent
Jesse's At The Helm
Reggae Hopeless

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Comment by Joby Barnett on June 20, 2008 at 10:48pm
Comment by mike whybark on June 19, 2008 at 8:46pm
Break a leg, my brothers.

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