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Howdy, howdy, howdy,

I posted some tunes. Here's why:

The first two are Uncle Bob. I have earlier stuff... the earliest being Kev and I recording at Cary Quad on the WCCR 4-track as well as the Whisker Buiscut stuff from 88 recorded in Highland on the said 4-track... but other than live Teeth from 87-88 (hello Muncie, IN!), nothing that rung out... all the other Teeth recording were pre John and I (when Mass and Flav were shredding).

So. the first two are Uncle Bob doing Teeth and EOE. I shoulda coulda put on our originals and they are fine but Dr. Steve beat me to it so they are on his site. The line up was Rob Eddy, Steve Wolf, Me, and Ron Pyke with occasional guest Danny Ray Thomas. All taught. I tried to learn but I was never nothing more than a Paul Stanley in an Ace Freley world. Steve had the serious chops and I learned a lot just by watching.

Misdismis, Aristotle, You Drive, and Friends were from when the Velmas played WHPK (at University of Chicago, Hyde Park) in 1995? I had joined a scant few months before after meeting John & Jess at the Dog Opera. I remember driving up in Hope's GEO in tracks of ice/snow following a semi in a near white-out. When we got to Chicago it was snowing fluffy white. This was pre-Dunbar with Lincoln on the drums. I made a funny during the interview. The guy asked us "Why the Velmas?" and I replied "Because Black Sabbath was taken" Play close attention to the interplay between John and Jess as well as how they made everyone around them better musicians. I learned more from Jess than anyone (which is a lot considering how much I soaked in Rick, Steve, John, and Robio).

Live and Let Live, Flashlight, Barnicle Blues, Planetarium, and Echos Myron were from Jan 6, 1996. We were supposed to play a local bar "Charlie's" which was the bar on the east side of Purdue by the dorms (the one that used to have the suspended motorcycle) but that feel through so we played a party at Bubba's near Wyest in downtown Lafayette. (John referenced the music shop in Marilyn by BSA). You can hear Hope, Kev (Cop Killer), and the MNS shout out things. We played for hours and had a good time. The line-up at the time was Dunbar, Me, Jess and John. That band was the most bitchin' fun IMO... we were either golden or downright goofy; but always fun.

Biology, Gary, Planetarium, evolution/thinker-n-blue were from Landscrapes.

Stop me search me and need them anyway were post-landscrapes right before I left. New morning, son's and first year all have drake blinco on bass. he is a proper bass player. whereas I took a new order approach... drake was proper entwhistle. I love his parts so I proudly pass these off and pretend I wrote the parts; but i always confess the parts and playing are not me.

Marilyn, Kitty Hawk, and Jill Hives show the genius of BSA. John and Joys' songwriting are firstrate as is Ricks.... the mix of of the GbV song is awe-inspiring. Clever double harmony of excellent lyrics. If only I was a producer and engineer... the problem is that I have always been absent minded and prone to sloppy recording on a 4-track in a basement with a glass of scotch. (As the last seven tracks prove beyond a doubt!)

The last seven are home recordings spanning over 10 years... slowww as molllassssesssss. I hope you catch the spirit of the songs and are not completely grossed out by the lack of production.

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