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Break Your Brain – A Flashback to Muncie’s Support the Troopz

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Shattered glass and patches of puke surrounded my house. It was sophomore year of college, 2011, and Muncie’s self-proclaimed best band hadn’t discriminated against my basement, tearing it to shreds just as they did with countless others. From ripped-up posters to the hole punched in my ceiling, the loud, raging, rip-roaring Support the Troopz set had assuredly left my house in shambles and undoubtedly offended my roommates.


But it was an understood cost, and I was fine with it. Troopz house shows were like none other.



Another defining memory I have of the band came when I interviewed them for the first time as a young, innocent journalist. Upon arriving at Muncie's Village Green Records, I was met by the group of legends. Each began to introduce themselves. Josiah Williams, Barry Almond, Karl Stockton, Jakobe, and so forth.


The guys went on to tell me some outrageous tales. One that I still remember to this day involved beer being spilled on a wire at a house show, thus shocking members of the band and making their skeletons visible in a cartoony fashion. After digging back through the notes from that interview, I found a beautifully stated quote from Josiah himself.


“Travis [of Village Green Records] said we’re the best fucking live band in all of fucking Indiana,” he said. “Honestly, if you come to a show, you’re going to have the best time you had that week. It’s not a hard equation—you plus Troopz equals fun.”



Just over a year ago, Support the Troopz performed their last show ever at Muncie’s Be Here Now, along with a great lineup of locals including Rodeo Ruby Love, Male Bondage and No Coast. The Indiana band that had seemingly offended more people than any other in Hoosier history played to a packed house, filled with expected mischief, vulgarity and shirtless dudes. 


Another unforgettable night of Troopz came to an end, but the band’s legacy remains not only in my memory, but also on my record shelf thanks to GREATEST HITS FROM THE GREATEST BAND. No release could have possibly characterized this band as appropriately as this 18-song vinyl record, humbly containing every song the band had ever recorded (available for purchase here). From “Straight People Ruin Everything” to “Total Pussy” to “Keaton Loves Cocaine,” the release pays homage to the group of dudes who ate more pizza and drank more beer than every Ball State fraternity combined over their illustrious lifespan.


Just as the band would say, all of these songs are the best. In addition to the list of standout tracks below, be sure to seek out the rest of their Greatest Hits album as well. You’ll surely be taken aback, maybe offended, maybe appalled. But one thing's for sure—your ears won’t be bummed.





Listen along to these favorites of mine (available on their MFT page), taking a look back at the band that was Support the Troopz:


Start out with “No Rest Arrest,” a classic smasher from the band’s original release. “Ramp It? I Might!” is a great follow-up track. This one's from the group’s second release, titled Keaton’s Beer--my favorite Troopz release aside from the Hits collection. The band released three brand new farewell tracks on their Greatest Hits release. “Friend Fucker” is one of those, putting a dark cap on their monstrous beer bottle of a career. In addition to checking out “Fuckin’ Shrinks” and "Total Pussy" from the Total Pussy album, be sure to give this Troopz-defining video a peep:


Support The Troopz - "Fuckin' Shrinks" from Derek Miller on Vimeo.


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