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MFT Call Out: Seeking People with Secret/Abandoned Musical Ambitions for Documentary Project


It started with a Craigslist ad a couple weeks ago, and well, it hasn't gotten much further than that - yet!


We just haven't found the right fit for this project so far, but I know there are a lot of "former musicians" or "bedroom project" type folks who still hang around Musical Family Tree. So we figured we'd see if anybody here is interested in participating!


MFT is working with a documentary film crew to find people living in Indiana whose life demands required them to abandon their musical ambitions. This could include projects or bands that tried to "make it" or just secret musical ambitions that never reached the surface in a public way. If you "used to play music," but had to leave it behind for work, family, or other life goals, it's very likely that you're the type of person we'd love to talk to!

Please send an email to if you are interested, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Here is the original Craigslist ad:


What we're not looking for: professional musicians, bands that are currently active, artists looking for promotion of their current works, people who still perform often but balance a music career with family/work life, etc. We are the most interested in stories of people who used to make music, but have largely stopped for some reason.

Thanks! Hope we hear from you.



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