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It's time to get pumped, everyone! Not that the MFT podcast is ever especially low-key, but for this episode, we decided to play a few songs that get us really excited. Some are punk jams to get your heart racing or sludge metal to make you smash beer cans on your forehead. Others are just bands that we're excited to have in the archive, but all are guaranteed to make you glad you listened!

Join your hosts Jon, Kasey, and Drew for this special half hour of fast and furious tunes from the MFT archive and a whole lot of goofing around in the studio (lovingly provided by our sponsors SmallBox). Listen to songs from The Coke Dares, Popular Ego, Prizzy Prizzy Please, Whiskeytits, Bait and Tackle Tabernacle, and Beverly Bounce House. And don't forget to check out more from all these acts on their respective MFT pages.

So do some stretches to warm up, put on your loosest sweatpants, and get ready to bounce off the freaking walls. LET'S GET PUMPED!

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