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I have been eager to hear The Mudkids follow up to Basementality since 2007 when they contributed a track in support of the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl run. That track had an electric guitar hook contributing to a strong crossover appeal. I would say that crossover appeal is probably the strongest commercial statement I could make about a hip hop act.

The MKEP is intended I think as a teaser to their upcoming release hyped as We Are Dynamic and People Love Us. After purchasing the EP at my favorite lunch establishment, Northside News, I can proclaim another win for the Kids.

Listening to the EP is a quick and funky jam. The music is hip hop. Tyler's production is spare and highlights Rusty Redenbachers nimble raps without being overdone. The rhymes are delivered using a variety of phrases drawn right out of contemporary life and the lyrics will speak to everyone living in the modern era.

I don't like to quote lyrics very often, taken out of context they never have impact to the reader, but let me say that it is strong throughout and the delivery never gets old or stale.

One standout track for me is Abraham (being my son's name) which is a very nice tribute to the actor Abe Benrubi. It's nice that the band gets a chance to tell this story of an Indiana nice guy getting face time on network TV.

But other than that, my favorites would be The Plan which provides a blueprint for domination, a call to arms to artists and men to maximize and enjoy. Next up I really enjoyed Nitty Gritty with guests Mic Sol & Ace One, with some other rapping styles to set up against the mightiest of the mudkids.

I don't listen to much rap and hip hop being more into guitars and live drums, but this is something I can put in and enjoy over and over. Family friendly, it is a pure artistic statement from one of the longest lasting acts in Indianapolis music history. Fun and funky!

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