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United States

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Bass, Other
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Veteran fan of and occasional participant in the Indiana music scene. Owner of Missing Link Records since 1993 til its closing in fall 2008. Now co-owner of Irvington Vintage, home to several thousand vinyl records and other collectibles. Proprietor of TimeChange Records, a new label dedicated to issuing archival editions of Indiana music recordings.
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Tombstone Valentine, Amoebas in Chaos, Red Square, Premature Babies (all deceased)
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Original Hometown
Terre Haute
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  • Marvin P. Goldstein

    Whatever happened with the sale of Missing Link? Sorry, I haven't had time to touch base with you on this. I would love to purchase myself, but have no funding.
  • Charles Silver

    Hi Rick, I'll be glad to help you out with some DC's pix when I have a bit of time. I'm really crazy busy for awhile and have too much on my plate including getting a place together in New Orleans.

    Thanks for getting in touch ! Happy 2009 !
  • Jbarge

    Do you the Walking Ruins only vinyl release? We put out a 4 song ep circa 1994, geez it sounds great - much better then anything else we did.